Agency Mission: To represent a limited number of speakers and help them increase their income and professionalism while ensuring they are well-treated and well-respected.

The Problem: New-ish speakers are speaking for free, for the experience, for just expenses, or for book sales only, and not being paid to speak and disseminate their wisdom.

The Solution: I can work on behalf of speakers who bring me their inquiries and invitations to speak, and help them increase their value in the minds of their sponsor (the organization asking them to speak) and thereby increasing their speaking income (and perks, as well).

Please read these: 35 Benefits | FAQ | Speaker Questionnaire | Services

How you can be represented:
It's a 4-step process.
1. "Like" my
Facebook page - if you haven't already - so you receive notices and news from me.
2. Complete the speaker
questionnaire on this site.
3. On your own website's contact page and speaker info page, post, "Represented by Andrea Reynolds, Speaker Agent/Advocate, last name, all lower case).html" You will be linking to your own profile on my site.
4. Whenever you receive an inquiry or invitation to speak, send a copy to me, and I will follow up right away. My email is You can also use the feedback page on the site.

Questions? Contact me: