Create a high demand for your professional wisdom and expertise within 12 months.

The Problem: Patients and clients tell me they feel they are paying high fees, while being treated like stupid or bad children. Let's fix this and watch your profits increase (ethically). I'll show you how.

The Solution: I help professionals, practitioners and service businesses increase their profits by teaching them how to treat their patients and clients like royalty. Through the programs, presentations, and consultations I offer, I then help you expand your audience without increasing your time commitment.

Who do I serve?
If you are a partner or principal in a
law firm, accounting firm, architectural firm, management consulting firm, medical practice, dental practice, veterinary practice, engineering firm, real estate brokerage, or a psychologist, residential construction company, electrical contractor, plumbing contractor, property management office, etc., I will show you better ways to serve your clients and patients, effectively, ethically and authentically, that will bring you greater income, greater personal satisfaction, and more time for personal pursuits.

What if....?

1. What if you could multiply your monthly and annual income by 500% or more?

2. What if you could stop trading each of your hours for a static fee?

3. What if you could stop leaving money on the table
in many types of transactions?

4. What if you could charge and receive income for private telephone advice?

5. What if you could write and self-publish a book and have other people do most of the work and cover the production costs?

6. What if you could land lucrative, longterm, corporate consulting contracts?

7. What if you could obtain longterm government consulting contracts?

8. What if you could get paid to make appearances on TV and radio talk shows?

9. What if you could obtain your own call-in radio talk show?

10. What if you could obtain your own television talk show?

11. What if you could write articles for national magazines that pay you well ($1-2 per word)?

12. What if you could get paid to promote your expertise?

13. What if you could restructure your expertise when you've suffered severe adversity?

14. What if you could fill your public workshops and seminars with paying attendees?

15. What if you could have more clients and patients clamoring for appointments with you?

16. What if your clients and patients raved about you and referred new clients and patients to you?

17. What if you could generate interviews and quotes in prestigious publications as the leading authority?

18. What if you could launch a successful, paid-subscription newsletter?

19. What if you could leverage your knowledge and wisdom by creating and offering multiple formats?

20. What if you could obtain celebrity expert status like that of Dr. Phil, Martha Stewart, Dave Ramsey, Suze Orman, etc.?

21. What if you could receive payment for voicing and appearing in TV and radio commercials as a spokesperson?

22. What if you could receive unsolicited corporate sponsorships?

23. What if you could sell vast quantities of your book without hiring someone else to promote/market your book?

24. What if you could receive invitations to present to prestigious audiences that pay you well to speak as well as cover all your expenses.

25. What if you could develop tangible "books" that don't take a year to produce, but only a week or two?

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