You could win my house in Erie PA or a good deed

“Good Deeds Tour” Home Giveaway Essay Contest
1 First Prize: 3 bedroom house in Erie PA, $105,000 value
999 Second Prizes: Your choice of good deeds or my ebooks

How to enter.

1,000 valid essay submissions each with a US $95
entry fee are required in order to award the house.

More photos appear on the next page.

This is a skill-testing essay contest, not a raffle, sweepstakes, or lottery.
my article: Real Estate Essay Contests – Solution or Scam?

Your essay: List 3 good deeds (250 words maximum) you’d like to receive from me when I visit your town; Entries will be judged on originality, thoughtfulness, do-ability.

The house will be awarded when 1000 valid entries have been received. Some entries may be considered invalid if one or more required elements is missing.

Second Prizes will begin to be awarded once the First Prize winner has been notified: ebooks will be sent first, then good deeds will be honored – as appropriate - as Andrea makes her way across the country. All of this could take up to 2 years, depending how successful the contest is.

Corporations that would like to sponsor my Good Deeds Tour should contact me: Andrea Reynolds, or (814) 431-9278.

Also, I will accept contributions of any amount toward the $95,000 I am raising. Those
contributors (patrons) are not required to enter the contest or accept any prizes if they choose not to.

Contributions and entry fees are not tax-deductible as neither the contest, nor I, Andrea Reynolds, is neither a charity or non-profit organization.

The funds I raise will replace Social Security and Medicare Benefits for which I am ineligible; and will cover travel costs for my two kitties and me.

All funds received will be held separately in a bank account with Ally Bank. If the contest fails, 100% of the money will be refunded. I will post bank statements each month for that account, on the blog on this website.

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