Let me be your Advocate...
when you're being disrespected, cheated, bullied, harassed, intimidated or mistreated.

How I work

When you need an ally for support when you feel your bank, physician, landlord, real estate agent, contractor, etc., has done you wrong and you want results... I'll stand up for you and speak up for you, getting you better treatment, justice, appropriate remedies, and improved outcomes.

Here's a recent example of what I did for a client:

A senior citizen living on a pension, being a caring mother, wanted to help her financially irresponsible, grown son finance a new car so he could get to work. Her bank recommended that she open a joint account with him so that his car payments would be made on time automatically from the account and he could repay the amounts each month back into the account. This is tantamount to her co-signing a loan for him. Big mistake. Payments were coming out of the account, but he had stopped making deposits. The NSF charges and service fees were mounting which the bank expected her to pay, naturally.

When she went to her bank to see what she could do stop the "bleeding" the bank employee told her nothing could be done. She came home terribly upset, as you can imagine, and was unable to sleep that night because of the stress of feeling she had no options. The next day I went with her to the bank and within 24 hours the whole matter was resolved to both her and the bank's satisfaction. I even had a solution that would help her resolve her guilt about letting her son stand on his own two feet.

The challenge for me was to find sensible options that everyone could live with. But that's what I do best... and what I can do for you.
And it required only about 2 hours of my time, making my service very affordable.

I can resolve disputes and conflicts between...

Neighbor - Neighbor
Patient - Doctor
Lawyer - Client
Publicist - Author
Speaker - Meeting Planner
Dentist - Patient
Landlord -Tenant
Phone company - Customer
Web host - Client
Bank - Customer
Home Seller - Agent
Home Buyer - Agent
Publisher - Author
B & B host - Guest
Teacher - Student
Parent - Teacher
Teacher- School
Student - College or University
Condominium Association - Owners
Stock broker - Client
Hotel - Guest
Physician - Hospital
Nursing home - Resident
Lawyer - Client
Therapist - Patient
Plumber - Customer
Auto mechanic - Customer
Editor - Staff
Author - Editor
Police officer - Community
Employer - Employee
Post Office - Employee
Courier service - Customer
Auto dealership - Car owner
Insurance company - Client

Radio station - Listener
Newspaper columnist - Reader

My fee for accompanying clients and/or acting as advocate-spokesperson is $300 per half-day; or $600 per 6 hour day. Estimates are provided. Use the convenient PayPal payment button here for prepayment.

Checks and money orders are also accepted: Andrea Reynolds, 3518 Post Avenue, Erie PA 16508.

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