Start with Baby Steps

If you don't know my work I recommend you take small, progressive, yet affordable steps in this order, one at a time, moving at your own pace. Learn more as you earn more.

1. Jump-Start Your Creative Genius My notes for a keynote presentation I delivered. One tip you'll find in it is how to create your own unique expertise so you can set yourself apart from all others who may be competitors. Order now.

2. Successful Consulting
seminar manual for brand-new independent consultants. It will help you set up your office and practice, and includes some good tips on proposal writing. Order now.

Sell Your Advice & Knowledge: 250 Smart Ideas for Consultants + Specialists Order here

4. Boost Your Expertise: 12 Principles for Building Your Own, One-Person, Million Dollar, Advice Empire Order here

5. Make $1000 to $5000 a Month (and more) by Writing Articles for Magazines Order here

6. Publish Your Own Profitable Newsletter: Transform Your Subscriptions from Free to Fee
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25 Unconventional Ways to Successfully Raise $25,000, $50,000 or More . . .for Your Film, Book or Business Project Order here

Andrea Reynolds' Own Book Marketing Plan Order here

9. Let's Book This One: 77 Secrets for writing unforgettable news releases for your book project. Order here

Negotiating Tips: 33 Amenities Speakers Deserve and Ought to Write into Their Speaking Agreements. Order here

The $30,000 an Hour Speaker: 16 articles with tips for the speakers whose contracts I negotiated upwards. Order here

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Then.... let me represent you as a speaker.