25 Reasons I Decided to Sell FSBO

1. I'm very isolated here as an outsider. When people come to my house, agents don't let me I talk to them. I feel excluded and invisible.

2. I'm more creative - a lateral thinker - than most agents who are vertical thinkers and who only follow the same system they learned in class.

3. I have more at stake financially than agent: $100,000+ versus the $1,500 they hope to get.

4. Selling my house is my full-time job; not so an agent who wants to have lots of houses to list.

5. I know my house better than anyone and can talk it up better.

6. Without having to give a 5-6% commission to a middleman, I can offer a better price to buyers.

7. I have the liberty of structuring a creative deal, one that an agent isn't interested in considering or offering.

8. I like being in control of my own house. It's still my house as long as I pay the bills and taxes and live in it.

9. With no agent I no longer get calls saying I have to cancel my plans to allow a non-buyer to spend 10 minutes in my home.

10. Without an agent calling the shots, I don't have the stress of having to leave my house and all my worldly goods in the hands of strangers I know nothing about.

11. With FSBO. I no longer feel I am working for my agent, or helping her win a trip to Italy. If I'm the one doing all the work anyway - taking photos, writing text, filling out long forms, staging the house - why have an agent?

12. I don't have to worry about strangers going through my personal things - as has happened - and hiding everything of value off-premises so they can't.

13. By showing the house to buyers myself, I can learn what a couple is looking for and what they don't want. I don't get that information from agents. Usually I have no feedback.

14. I can write what I want about the house - usually more than an agent will - not only on my own website but also on Zillow.

15. I have good marketing skills, usually better than the agents I have retained: I have a degree in marketing and I have sold a timeshare, 2 mobile homes (one in 6 days), a condo and raw land by myself.

16. I may have had more real estate training than most real estate agents who get their licenses in as short as two weeks. I've hosted a weekly talk radio show on real estate on which I interviewed agents and a real estate attorney. I wrote a booklet of 150 home selling tips; I created a website for people to sell their own homes FSBO; I passed the two Pennsylvania real estate courses; I took a course on real estate investing; I studied housing and design in university, taught by an architect; I worked in a architectural supply store giving advice to architecture students in college; and I studied same university courses as two former HGTV hosts.

17. I know how to stage a home because I studied interior design.

18. I'm always available to show a home. I have no other commitments as agents have.

19. I know how to negotiate a win-win deal. I've been a speaker agent, negotiating contracts.

20. I know what has to happen for the sale to close properly. I've been both a buyer and seller of homes.

21. My real estate attorney handles the contracts and documents better than any agent does.

22. I can wait for the best buyer, not rush a sale through for the commission as agents want to do.

23. I have put more effort into selling my house than my agents ever have.

24. I'm interested in selling only one house; agents have multiple house listings so they aren't focused full-time on my house.

25. I don't have other interests that take up my time; but agents have kids and husbands who also demand their attention. And agents like to go on vacations. I must stay focused on selling the house until it sells.