22 Things I've Done to Sell My House

To attract house buyers to my 3-bedroom, Post Avenue, Cape Cod home in southwest Erie PA – www.BitangoHouse.com – I have:


1. Beautified the house by adding landscaping, painting the front porch and steps,
2. Fixed the basement rain seepage by adding 3 rain barrels outside to divert water,
Installed new appliances: dishwasher, gas range, refrigerator, range hood,
4. Added central air conditioning,
5. Gutted and renovated the second floor,
6. Built an 8’ x 7.5’ storage shed in the side yard,
7. Retained the services of 3 consecutive real estate agents (Fail),
8. Reduced the price from $121,000 to below what I paid 5 years ago before additions and renovations: $99,000 (Fail),
Advertised the house For Sale By Owner (FSBO),
10. Promoted a home giveaway essay contest: 10 sentence “essay” + $10 entry fee that would give all non-winning entrants $20 worth of my books (Fail),
11. Promoted a second home giveaway essay contest to businesses: 3 sentences + $1,000 entry fee that would give all non-winning entrants $2,000 worth of my marketing services or lectures (Fail),
12. Promoted a third home giveaway contest: 3 sentences and no entry fee and I would raise $150,000 by working to compensate me for the house (Fail),
13. Included dehumidifier, upright freezer, NordicTrack treadmill in the $115,000,
14. Buried a St. Joseph statue in the front yard,
15. Advertised to rent the second floor to one LECOM student (Fail),
Advertised to rent the whole house to LECOM students (Fail),
17. Offered seller financing with no down payment (Fail),
18. Offered an evening seminar to first-time buyers: Seller Financing: How you can afford to buy Andrea’s house even when banks say no, and make a legal offer (Fail),
19. Offered a $500 finders fee to any non-agent friend who sends me a buyer (Fail),
20. Offered a 3% commission to agents who referred a buyer with no involvement (Fail),
21. Reduced the price from $99,000 to $89,000 as a short test (July 6 until July 15 only). Cash sale or bank financing only, no agents, no commissions; letter showing pre-approval only.
22. Offered agents a $10,000 finders fee if they refer a buyer to me who closes successfully on the price of $115,000 or better (after July 15).

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