24 Potential Revenue Streams So Far

Don't expect your income to come from only one source. That's "putting all your eggs in one basket." Drop the basket and all the eggs break. To protect yourself diversify your income portfolio. In other words, create multiple streams of revenue.

After my father died I discovered he invested 100% of his money in the stock market, nothing else. Had he diversified, he would not have lost more than a million dollars (85% of his portfolio) when GM went bankrupt. The Lesson: Diversify.

I screwed up, too. I invested all my savings in two houses. I have no mortgages, but I haven't been able to sell or rent them either. Like father, like daughter.

So, as of today, I've given up trying to sell the houses. (They won't sell themselves; that's magical thinking.) For now I will stay where I am. Instead, I'm putting my efforts and energy into creating multiple passive income streams, no matter how small.

I thought you would like to see how I'm creating income for myself, starting from 'way below poverty level. Let's see where I am at the end of 2016.

Andrea's Revenue Streams
Keep in mind I'm only now starting over after full-time, unpaid parent care, estate administration (2008-2015) and full-time attempts to sell my house (2014-2016). You'll see I have a long way to go to begin to cover basic expenses on two houses... but I will.

CURRENT This is my total income for the first half of 2016:
Bank Interest: $9.00 ($1.50 per month)
Stock Dividends, 3 shares of Apple:
$3.33 ($1.65 average per quarter)
Canada Pension + Old Age Security Pension:
$1396.00 (Average US $349.00 per month)
Property Tax Rebate for Seniors:
$650.00 one-time per year.
LIHEAP one-time heating grant: $
$20.00 one-time fee.
Contents Sales:
$719.00 www.AndreasEstate.com Click here.
Book sales:
$228.54 www.BitangoBooks.com Click here.
Selling one-of-a-kind jewelry:
$37.00 www.GilliansGems.com Click here.

FUTURE I'll start work on these next; nothing yet:
Public speaking Click here.
Private consulting
Click here.
Classes, lectures and seminars in my home
Click here.
Guests at Authors Bed & Breakfast
Click here:
Click here.
Ghostwriting: www.BitangoBooks.com
Click here.
Voluntary Patrons:
Click here
Editing + proofreading: www.BitangoBooks.com
Click here.
Collecting from companies what I've "overpaid" them: www.RestitutionService.com
Click here
House for sale or rent: www.BitangoHouse.com
Click here
Amazon Affiliate: Not set up yet
Clickbank Affiliate: Not set up yet
Bluehost Affiliate: (web hosting) Not set up yet
Amazon Kindle sales: Not set up yet
Social Security benefits: Not eligible

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