This is where I will list successful results I have achieved on behalf of myself and my clients.

1. Despite what the media claims about not being able to sell unwanted time-share units, I was able to SELL for a family member a two-week vacation time-share for $3,000 when most people are having difficulty even giving away for free or donating their unwanted timeshares.

2. A senior citizen living on a pension, being a caring mother, wanted to help her financially irresponsible, grown son finance a new car so he could get to work. Her bank recommended that she open a joint account with him so that his car payments would be made on time automatically from the account and he could repay the amounts each month back into the account. This is tantamount to her co-signing a loan for him. Big mistake. Payments were coming out of the account, but he had stopped making deposits. The NSF charges and service fees were mounting which the bank expected her to pay, naturally.

When she went to her bank to see what she could do stop the "bleeding" the bank employee told her nothing could be done. She came home terribly upset, as you can imagine, and was unable to sleep that night because of the stress of feeling she had no options. The next day I went with her to the bank and within 24 hours the whole matter was resolved to both her and the bank's satisfaction. I even had a solution that would help her resolve her guilt about letting her son stand on his own two feet.

3. A man couldn't get a job or rent an apartment because another man with the same name and birthday had a list of felonies on his record which had been attributed to the innocent man, but he couldn't get his record exonerated. I was able to get certain government officials to intervene and the problem was resolved in two days.

4. I've located my adopted-away half-brother (twice) after 21 and 19 years, my half-sister after 16 years, and about 100 of my high school classmates who were "missing" from our reunion files (before the Internet). I have been able to find nearly everyone I've tried to locate. The more information you can provide, the more leads I have to follow.

5. I also collected - after multiple dead ends -- full payment owed by a neighbor who then swindled 37 other people (clients of his funeral home) to the tune of $90,201.... before he was sent to prison for 15 months. I wish those people had contacted me to assist them.

6. I was able to collect more than $2600 from a man who owed a woman for his share of a Mexican vacation. I was also able to show her that the man was actually married and that she had been setting herself up for a possible physical attack. My findings and recommendations may have saved her life.

7. Advised a job-seeker by email that what looked like a fabulous and well-paying job offer - I saw the actual offer - was actually a scam that could have landed her in prison. As a result she was able to ignore the "offer" without divulging any personal identity information, losing any money, or getting into any legal trouble.