The Family Size isn't always the better deal

© Andrea Reynolds 2009-2014; From the archives, July 2008

Pay attention to pricing and you could save a few more bucks on your grocery bill each week. Here are two experiences I had when grocery shopping in just one store. I expected that family sizes and packages of several items would be priced lower per unit. Ha! Not always.

Instead, I noticed that when I wanted to buy a 1.8 kg box of frozen lasagna for $14.99, that two boxes of 900 gram lasagna (same item, same mfr., same quantity) cost $6.99 each or $1.01 less than the family size box. What I liked is that with the smaller size, if I bought two singles, I could cook one and store one in the freezer.

I also found that I could buy 4 separate, single-use cameras for $1.00 less than if I bought the package of 4 identical cameras. So you're paying more to have only one item in your shopping cart. And you're paying less for more packaging. It's the opposite of my thinking, and perhaps yours, too. But the one advantage to paying more, if you can call it one: having 4 cameras count as one item could possibly get you into the "8 Items or Fewer" line. (And yes, fewer is the correct word.)


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