My phone calls are free for a year

Originally posted Dec. 5, 2008 in my blog, Starting Over at 59

I'm not getting paid to say this - wish I were! - but I am very happy with my
Magicjack phone service. It's a little plug that goes into my computer's USB port and you plug an ordinary phone into the MagicJack. It cost me $40 plus tax or shipping - you can get it now for $30 - and I pay no fees for the 12 months. Next year I pay only $20 for services. I have my cordless phone attached to it so I can carry the phone through the house and not miss any interview requests or client calls.

I can call anywhere in Canada or US; voicemail, directory assistance, 9-1-1, caller ID and call waiting are all provided for free. There is a desktop notifier on which the caller's phone number appears and when the call is over the duration of the call in minutes and seconds appears. You can even store your contacts' names and numbers on it.

Yes, it's the same one advertised on TV. I'm telling everyone about it so they can save enough money on their phone bill so they can retain my services. (Big grin).

They even provide a phone number. The only drawback for me is that they could only give me a number in the 412 area code (Pittsburgh) and I'm in 814. Local people - like on Freecycle - don't want to call me because it's long distance. But if you have a long distance calling plan or you use a cell phone to call me, there will likely be no charges. But I can just tell people: "Email me your number and I'll call you." If they had MagicJack they wouldn't have any charges for calls.

Tell me if you have it. Tell me if you get it.