29 Red Flags

There must be something in the Erie water.

Harry Markopolos, who wrote a 19 page letter to the SEC about Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme back in 2005, is an Erie native. (So is first Homeland Security Secretary Tim Ridge.) Not that I'm comparing myself to the wisdom and courage of whistleblower Markopolos, but it's interesting to note that we are of the same generation from the same hometown. Speaking of the name Madoff, it seems appropriate for someone who "made-off" with other people's billions. What was he thinking? Was he so enamored with himself that he thought he could get away with it?

And the SEC? Is there nobody in the securities commission who can read and do their job? Geez... they should hire me.

I wish my name (Reynolds) sounded more like what I do: recover, regain, recoup, reclaim, rescue, or retrieve. Reynolds may be a derivative of renard (french for fox), as in clever as a ___ .