What is your specialized expertise? Think BIGGER. Your advice has value. Don't give it away. Get paid for it in multiple formats. Get paid to position yourself as The Leading Authority.

Realtors: I assist in bringing listings and buyers to you so you have more time for showing homes and negotiating. Want to see prominent realtors? Watch HGTV: Tatiana Londono, Sandra Rinomato, Mike Aubrey, Scott McGillivray, Jodi Gilmour.

Consultants: Most management consultants are not that fascinating; neither is the subject of strategic planning, unless you specialize. My first two clients were management consultants and they kept retaining me and recommending me to others.

Physicians and Surgeons: I fit campaigns into physicians' demanding schedules and minimize the amount of time required of them. And still I help them fill their new practices and cosmetic surgery centers.

Dentists: What's so newsworthy about dentists? You might be surprised. I uncover newsworthy stories to bring them into the public eye and enhance their prestige.

Engineers: Engineers usually suck at self-promotion, so I find creative yet ethical ways to bring them to the attention of their prospective clientele so contracts are awarded to them more easily.

Chiropractors: Those who specialize are easy to work with. I've also been retained by naturopaths, acupuncturists and iridologists.

Lawyers: It doesn't always take a celebrity criminal trial to bring a lawyer to the public's attention. Divorces are in the news, mortgages are in the news. I'll make you the go-to expert in your area of specialization.

Specialists: I have promoted home economists, fraud detection consultants, other public relations consultants, psychic consultants, web hosts, executive recruiters, financial planners, etc. I don't need to possess your expertise... I just need to understand it enough to market it.