Andrea's Personal Code of Conduct and Ethics

COPYRIGHT © 1981-2016, Andrea Reynolds.

"Andrea, how do I know if you're trustworthy and ethical?"

This is what you can expect from me:
1. I won't knowingly provide false or misleading information, and I will make an effort to do my due diligence.

2. I won't say or do things which could injure the reputation of another person or business unless that person or business puts me in a position where I must show documented evidence of their illegal actions.

3. I will act in the best interests of my client.

4. I will not provide professional services for free in order to sell a product.

5. I will immediately disclose any conflict of interest that might be considered prejudicial to my professional judgment.

6. I will not serve two or more competing clients at the same time.

7. I will respect the confidentiality of information received from clients and protect information gathered during the assignment.

8. I will not knowingly solicit work from a client begun by another firm or consultant or interfere with the work of any other consultant.

9. I will not review or critique the work of other consultants without their prior knowledge and consent.

10. I will not accept a commission or finder's fee or benefit in connection with a transaction with a client without that client's knowledge and consent.

11. I will treat clients and other consultants with the courtesy and respect they deserve.

12. I will not knowingly bid against other consultants for assignments. If I learn that I have been put in a bidding position I will withdraw immediately.

13. I will accept only assignments for which I am qualified and can handle in a competent manner.

14. I will clearly define to the client, before commencing work, the scope and nature of the project, the services to be performed, and the amount and method of compensation for those services.

15. I will not charge a commission on the results obtained by my fee-based services.

16. I will keep the client regularly informed of progress on the assignment.

17. I will adhere to the laws and regulations governing business where I provide services.

18. I will not knowingly copy, distribute or disseminate the proprietary work of other writers or experts without their prior knowledge, express permission, proper credit and copyright notice on the document.