The Successful Consulting Practice
How to Make the Switch from Employment to Independent Consultant

This is best for beginning consultants, not established consultants
The notes from the seminar Andrea Reynolds developed.

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If you've been giving away your advice for free until now, or you're thinking of switching from employment to independent consulting start here. These are my handouts/class notes from my full day seminar. I'm available to present this seminar to your group.

Seminar Creator/Facilitator: Andrea Reynolds
I have been polishing, positioning, and promoting independent consultants, professionals, how-to authors, and other knowledge-sharers since 1977. I am a speaker, writer, publisher of newsletters and booklets, and author of numerous manuals on self-promotion, marketing professional services, and selling specialized advice.

These are the notes from the original, full day, Successful Consulting seminar I created for beginning consultants (basic level), now at a price substantially lower than the $79.00 one-day seminar registration fee.

Table of Contents: Successful Consulting

• Why Consulting is a Good Choice

• The Downside of Consulting

• Functions of a Consultant

• Why Companies Hire Consultants

• Why Firms Are Reluctant to Hire Consultants

• Criteria for Accepting Work

• Setting Up Your Home-based Business

• Organize Your Office for Effectiveness

• Determining Client Markets

• Exercise: Your Business Plan

• Minimize Your Risks

• Feasibility for Success

• Knowledge Which Clients Want

• What Individual Clients Want to Know

• What Business Clients Want to Know

• Reasons to Offer Information Products

• Developing Information Products

• Suggestions for Information Products

• Determining Your Cost Per Hour

• Ways to Quote Fees; When to Increase Fees

• How to Increase Fees; How to Quote Fees

• Warning Signs of a Problem

• Protecting Yourself When Hiring Sub-Consultants

• How to Avoid Giving Away Free Advice: How to Say NO Gracefully

• How to Overcome Marketing Obstacles

• How to Keep Clients

• How to Be Perceived as a Professional

• Ways to Promote Your Practice

• The Decision-Making Process

• Other Ways to Make a Decision

• The Proposal Process; The Initial Client Contact; The Client Interview

• Deciding Whether to Submit a Proposal; Proposal Format

• What Makes a Proposal Successful; How to Write a Proposal

• How to Present a Proposal

• Letters of Agreement

• Your Services Brochure

• Ethics and Issues

• Characteristics of a Good Consultant

• Exercise: Define Your Services

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