How to Win No-Fee Essay Contests and Receive Wonderful Prizes
What works and what doesn't
, Booklet: $6.95
by Andrea Reynolds

I hold essay contests and also win them. This booklet talks about how you can win no-fee, essay contests.

I find that very few people enter essay contests - a real shame - and when they do enter, they don't put much effort into it. I talk about how I win, and how you can increase your chances of winning. With a little thought, you can win some substantial prizes. For example I won $250 worth of Benjamin Moore paint in a radio station (610 CKTB) essay contest when I decided to paint my 3 BR condo and you can read my losing essay
and my winning essay. I've won $120 training packages I wanted to buy, a pile of books and T-shirts through the Toronto Transit Commission, and all sorts of other things.

As a related topic I also talk about how to become the recipient of many valuable items through I have saved thousands of dollars by "applying for" free items offered on Freecycle. It takes some thought as a "writer" to convince the Offerer to choose your request over dozens and, in some cases, hundreds of responses. It's an art.

Today, for example, I received an Apple G3 computer that works fine and I'll use it as a backup for my other two. I'm also out the door right now to pick up some free camping equipment. All free. I give lots of things away for free, too, and furnished my new home with furniture and artwork that are nice, free, and have been kept out of the landfill. Here's a cat tree I received for free: I've also received appliances and even XM satellite radio which is about $120 to purchase new.

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