"The Ghost on the Stairs"

Book Excerpt

Andrea's own ghost story, originally published in
John Robert Colombo's book,
"Haunted Toronto"

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The couple who bought the house at 35 Bishop Street in Yorkville didn't treat the previous owner, Canadian opera singer Riki Turofski, very well after her daughter died suddenly. They, my landlords, were also not very nice to me, their first tenant, and it's possible that the spirit of Riki's young daughter wanted to set things right. You'll be amused by what she did.

To my knowledge the same couple still owns this home and have attempted to sell it many times over the 27 years. I have to wonder if people are reluctant to buy because the book
Haunted Toronto tipped them off about the home being haunted. (Realtors call this a stigmatized property). Read my contribution to this book and you'll learn the whole, charming story.

A personal note: "My back yard neighbor at this home and her former husband, Canadian musician, singer-songwriter, Bruce Cockburn, were also featured in Colombo's book with their own ghost experience."

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