Past Individual Clients

Nevair Alexanian, diplomat
Katie Anglin, fashion retail consultant
Margaret Atwood, novelist, poet
William Band, management consultant/speaker
Madeleine Ballard-Kennard, stress management consultant
Bridget Barone, psychotherapist
Valerie Boger, wardrobe consultant
Carol Burman, visual merchandising consultant
Anne Campbell, addiction counselor
Marianne Carefoot-Jones, flautist
Francis Charrey, financial consultant
Barbara Chisholm, child welfare consultant
David Cohlmeyer, vegetarian chef/author/organic farmer
Dr. John Cosgrove, naturopath, chiropractor
E. Joseph Cossman, seminar leader/author
Debbie D'Angelo, nurse educator
Dr. Albert de Goias, physician, author
Jack Duerloo, psychic
Ginger Dick, money expert/author
Keith Dixon, import/export consultant
Elizabeth Dorner, educator
Robert Dunn, innovation consultant
Judith Ennamorato, parapsychologist/author
Barbara Evans, real estate agent
Jerry Gillies, author
Donald Grant, lawyer
Mary Gunderson, food historian
Michael Harrison, management consultant/writer
Suzanne Hayes, author
Heather Heather, pastry expert
J. Fred Hedding, Jr., graphic design consultant/copywriter
Elaine Jackson, home economist
Eric Jarvi, rare wines consultant
Katherine Kates, public relations consultant
Lydia Kostuch, real estate agent
Alan Langley, fraud detection consultant
Natallia Lea, author, cartoonist
Monika Lowry, real estate agent
Richard Marty, executive search consultant
Dr. Neil Miles, plastic surgeon
Joan Mitchell, psychic consultant
Andrea Moodie, actress
Micki Moore, TV personality/author
Mike Moore, motivational speaker
Gairey Richardson, actor/producer
Robert Rottenberg, chartered accountant/
Iain Sanderson, actor
Dr. Oksana Sawiak, dentist
Dorothy Schiegel, image consultant
Nancy Sears, real estate agent
Susan Somers, public relations consultant
Susan Statham, portrait artist
Dr. Joe Thomas, pain physician
Ella Northgrave Trow, etiquette consultant
Suzanne Truba, author/retailer/motivational speaker
Karen Vanderzweerde, chartered accountant
Lea Vivot, sculptress
Dr. Melanie Watt, author/zoologist
Joe Wood, singer/songwriter

A word about confidentiality.

In the past, I agreed, at their request, not to disclose the names of most of my clients. I'm not going to do that any more ... because secrecy is not in your best interest, or mine. If I work with you, I'm going to bandy your name about in the most positive ways because it benefits both of us. If you do not want anyone - your family, friends, partners, neighbors, professional colleagues, clients, patients, staff - to know that your intention is to improve the quality and professional standards of your and their lives, then we are likely not a good match. But be careful... your professional colleagues may want to work with me, if you don't.

What I am careful about is
not revealing confidential aspects of your practice, including your personal goals and future intentions. In some communities, gossip and rumor are rampant. That's not my style: I've been anti-gossip for years. I don't repeat anything without permission from your lips (or pen).

Just to be careful, I don't drink so I won't get sloppy and reveal what I shouldn't, and I'm not a party-goer so the chances of my even being among people who want me to "give up the goods" is highly remote. Do you think I'd want to lose a fabulous client just to appear important at a party? Uh, no!

And I don't have a partner or staff who could become publicly talkative; and I learned years ago, that sharing any information about myself with my family members would only end in disaster. So I don't, and they don't even look at my web site.