Short bio to use for introducing Andrea Reynolds to your audience

Andrea Reynolds was a pioneer in the field of celebrity expert empire-building. For over 30 years she positioned, promoted and represented hundreds of consultants, authors, experts, professionals, spokespeople, and knowledge-sharers. She was retained for long term contracts by clients as far abroad as London, Dublin, Sydney, Cairo; and by Fortune and Financial Post 100 companies. An outspoken critic, Andrea has been quoted in USA Today, Time, Success, The Financial Post, The National Post, Canadian Business, and The Globe and Mail.

But with the advent of the Internet and with the young Hollywood stars who became famous, seemingly for nothing more than their ability to pose well at parties, Andrea found that new authors expected to become stars without taking any personal risk or invest any money or hard work. After exhaustion, multiple disappointments with clients with unrealistic expectations and demands and multiple financial losses, she decided to do something more meaningful... help individuals who had suffered financial loss at the hands of a more powerful entity than they. The reverse of a bill collector, in January 2009 she opened her Money Retrieval service to help the Davids retrieve money from the Goliaths.

She's here today to tell you her story and what you can do to prevent loss and retrieve what is rightfully yours.