Crisis Gifts: 50-100 of the Best Things You Can Give to Someone You Know Who is Facing Financial Crisis or Impending Homelessness

Poverty Isn't a Contagious Disease: It's easy to give to charities benefiting nameless, faceless strangers, but what do you do when a neighbor, friend or co-worker faces a financial crisis?

You're Smart...Why Aren't You Earning Enough/More?
How to Move from Chronic Financial Crisis to Financial Comfort

Stand Up! Be More Assertive by Addressing Others' Critical, Manipulative, and Controlling Behavior

OutSmarting Sweetheart Swindlers: Now that you're successful, you must Protect Your Heart and Assets from a Romantic Con Artist

Foot-Shooters Among Us: Are You Working Against Your Own Best Interests?

Writing Tough Letters Brilliantly to Get What You Deserve

It's Your Money... How to Get it Back without Threats or Bullying

Make an Effort: It's in Your Best Interest!

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