Reprints and Licensing of my booklets, handbooks, manuals, home study programs, and templates

You are welcome to purchase any of the articles, booklets and reports on this site for publication or reprinting but only with a distribution license obtained first. Ask Andrea for a distribution license.

Buying a copy or a quantity of copies for yourself does NOT entitle you to copy or reprint these works, or teach classes or seminars from them without a license from Andrea Reynolds or the author. That's what Andrea wants to do with her own books: make money teaching from the books she's written. That's what she wants for her authors too.

Any of my booklets, reports or manuals may be licensed for distribution:

  • In other languages: French, Italian, Spanish, German, etc.
  • In other formats: e-booklets, calendars, giveaway cards, etc.
  • In customized versions,
  • In classroom teaching or training situations,
  • For volume sales,
  • For giveaways.

You must have a licensing agreement from Andrea to do any of those things.

Talk to Andrea….

Please contact Andrea with your proposal of what you intend to do with the booklets or materials.

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