Angel Attraction Kit
The documents you need to raise funding from private investors ("angels")

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Do you need to raise $100,000 (or a few million) to produce a film, publish a book, newsletter or related project? Consider private investors as your partners.


In 1984 (long before the Internet was popular and before online crowd-funding) I raised $30,000 for my book publishing project by selling shares in my book project. (Read my story).

The documents I used were originally created to raise $500,000 for a sports bar. I re-wrote these documents with the help of my lawyer, to apply specifically to my book project, and
I will mentor you in re-writing my templates to apply to your specific need for capital.

I've assembled a package of all the documents I used so that you can use them as templates for your own capital raising documents  -- I will work one-on-one with you to change the details to fit your own situation. All three documents received careful scrutiny by a team of Bay Street (Toronto) lawyers and an entertainment accountant experienced with raising capital for major films.  You'll receive both printed and electronic files for easy revision to suit your needs.

Here's what you'll get in The Angel Attraction Kit: Investor Documents Package:

1. You get the Investor Background Information  This document is designed to explain your book's business plan in simple and friendly terms to even a novice investor. It contains: Book Description, Table of Contents, Why This Book Will be a Bestseller, Market Research, The Publisher, The Author, The Promotional Plan, The Sales Plan, The Schedule, Your Investment, Benefits of Investment, Projected Income, Summary, Investor's Pledge Form.  (23 pages) Value: $250

I also sell this document separately if you want to start with this one and then add on.

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2. You get the Offering Memorandum  This is the official (and necessary) document that goes with the Investor Background Information, and contains: About the Offering, About the Project, Nature of the Investment, Risk Factors, Income Tax Considerations, and General Information, Subscription Form, Investor Transfer of Shares.  (18 pages) Value: $250

3. You get the Limited Partnership Agreement  This is the legal agreement that investors sign: The Partnership, The Units, Contributions, Allocations and Distributions, The General Partner, Meetings, Accounting and Reporting, Termination of Agreement, Miscellaneous, Limited Partnership Agreement.  (26 pages) Value: $500

4. You get the same news release I wrote for The Halo Factor book project which created media buzz which attracted all the investors.

You get my REPORT of 77 press release writing tips and samples (digital report) so you can write your own attention-getting news release. Value: $39

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6. You get my report of 25 Unconventional Ways to Raise $25,000, $250,000 or $2.5 million for a book, video, etc. This lists 25 actual ways well-known and unknown people raised the money they needed to launch a creative project. This digital report is also sold separately. Value: $19


7. You also get a private 60 minute phone tutorial with me, Andrea Reynolds, by phone
or email to help you adapt the documents to your specific needs. You can ask me questions and get my answers to guide you. Value: $750.

Purchased separately these documents and private consult normally would require an investment of $1808.

As a package you will receive documents in both print and digital format, and a private consult with the author, Andrea Reynolds, for US $999.00.

Shipping inside North America is included. However, international shipping is an additional US $30.

When you order please include your current email address so I can personally confirm receipt of your order.

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