Make $1000 to $5000 a Month (and more)
by Writing Articles for Magazines
By Andrea Reynolds

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How to break into nonfiction writing for local, regional, national magazines, to share your knowledge and increase your income. What you need to get started: queries, copyright, manuscripts, selling rights, getting paid. I also have cassette tapes recorded from the original four-hour seminar. (One day I'll learn how to make an MP3 from them.)

Read my 45-page manual which is the complete seminar transcript... in question and answer format plus answers to audience questions. Includes sample letters, and forms you can use.  

The seminar transcript answers these questions. Also includes questions from writers like you.

1. Why should I write for magazines?

Do we writers set the price?

2. How realistic is it to make $1000-$5000 a month?

3. How do I know if I have writing talent?

4. What can I write about?

5. How do I generate article ideas?

6. What research should I do first?

7. How do I find magazines that who want my work?
How often do Writer's guidelines change?
What if a magazine doesn't have Guidelines?

8. What do magazines want?

9. Do I have any say in what and when I'm paid?

10. What is writing "on spec"?

11. Should I specialize?

12. What's the process for getting articles published?

13. How do I make contact with magazines?

14. When do I send my finished article?
What about multiple/simultaneous submissions?

15. What is, and what goes into, a query letter?
Will they consider articles from new writers?

16. To whom do I send the query letter?
Why do editors change so often?
If I haven't been published what do I send?
Should I send a representative page from my manuscript in addition to a synopsis?
How long does it take to get a reply?
Are there magazines that want you to send a manuscript for articles of 500 words or less in place of a query?
If my press release is published in the newspaper can I use that as a sample clip? If an editor changes my work does it hold as much clout?
What if they change too much?

17. How do I know editors won't steal my article ideas?
What's my recourse if that happens in a small town?

18. Must I sign a contract?
Do I need confirmation from the editor?
How do I prove I've sent the manuscript?

19. What does a contract cover?

20. Where do I get material for my articles?

21. How do I conduct interviews?
Do I send the article to the expert to show how the article will run?

22. Who owns the copyright on my work?
Do I own the copyright on documentation I've written at work?

23. Do I need to register my copyright?
How do I make that symbol on my typewriter/computer? Does copyright indicate the year of publication or the year I wrote it?
Are you saying I don't have to register a copyright? Is a copyright notice an intention to copyright?
What if someone publishes an article that looks very much like mine?
Can I copyright a title? My name?My pseudonym?

24. What should my finished manuscript look like?

25. How can I make more than one sale from each article?
How can I find out which of my rights a newspaper bought?

26. What do I need to know about the business of freelancing?
Where do I store all the notes I must save?

27. What is a "writer's story" vs an "editor's story"?

28. How do I develop my reputation as a professional writer?

29. How do I handle rejections?

30. What personal qualities do I need as a writer?

31. What other types of writing could I do?
You mentioned newsletters as a publication for starting writers?
How expensive is self-publishing? How do I market my own books?
What is ghostwriting? Can I call myself a "ghostwriter"?
Can I put work I've ghostwritten in my portfolio?

32. Do I need an agent? A lawyer?
More questions: Is it a good idea to find a job in a publishing house?
How lucrative is writing "advertising editorials"? How do you define "advertorial"?

Appendix (Samples)
Letter to editor
Query letter (Flare)
Where Andrea's article ideas come from
Manuscript sample
Publicity reprint to establish expert status (Time)
Rejection letter (Detroit)
Letter of agreement written by magazine (from Canadian Secretary)
Letter of agreement written by writer (PAT Journal)
Standard agreement

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