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FINANCING TIP: To help your buyer obtain a bank loan or other financing, you'll need to show this document (completed and signed).

Once a buyer agrees to purchase your home you'll need a Purchase Agreement (Offer to Purchase) to properly document the sale....

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In addition to my booklet of 150 Smart Secrets for Selling Your Home in 60 Days, I offer my purchase agreements – only for homes being sold by the current owner – which you may use as a template for your own. Writing your own agreement and then having a lawyer look it over before you sign on the dotted line will save you the expense of having a lawyer write it from scratch for you. It will also be cheaper than paying a commission to a real estate agent or broker who normally provides this service.

I bought and sold these two homes using these purchase agreement templates, and a notary handled the transaction:



I provide you with our own lawyer-approved Agreements – by electronic file, so you can insert your own details – written and used by me, Andrea Reynolds, from which you can get some specific ideas to include in your own Agreement. I recommend that you make working copies first so you can keep the master file intact. And then, by using your computer, insert your data where our data was.

I urge buyers and sellers both always to have legal counsel look over the documents for errors omissions and legal consequences before signing. And it's not unusual to add and cross out items on which there is disagreement before the document is ready to sign. Always keep the master form free from marks and writing so you can make several photocopies in case you must scrap the first set and start again.

My user-friendly Offer to Purchase/Purchase Agreement Package includes 3 sample documents with fictitious names and data in red text. Keep these as your masters and print out a hard copy of each to keep as a handy reference.

Make an electronic copy of each to use as your working copies. Where you see red text substitute the data which is applicable to your own transaction.
It's in your better interests to be the one who writes the Agreement. Always have your lawyer look over the completed Agreement, before you sign it, for any errors or omissions particular to your state or province. (Disclaimer: I'm not a lawyer or real estate agent.)

Only US $16.95. You will receive these 5 documents by *electronic file:

1. The Offer to Purchase was used for a sale where the Vendor provided short term financing. (Written by the Purchaser)

2. The
Purchase Agreement was used for a cash sale. (Written by the Purchaser.)

3. Related to the Purchase Agreement above, the
Addendum was used when the closing date passed and the vendor still couldn't provide the Title, but the two parties still wanted to complete the transaction. (Written by Purchaser.)

4. A
2-page checklist of possible items you don't want to forget to insert in your Agreement.

5. The booklet of 150 Tips for selling your mobile home quickly and profitably.


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These forms are for homeowners only,
not for agents. If you purchase the package of templates, you purchase a license to use the form over and over for your own personal use only. That means your own personal residence, NOT for business use (that is, you buy and sell or buy and rent multiple properties as a business). For the latter you need a special license from Andrea Reynolds. Please ask. Contact Andrea.

Making copies for friends or selling any part of the package is copyright infringement and a federal offense. If you did not pay for the Purchase Agreement Package, but received a copy from the other party in the process of selling or purchasing your home, you may not use the documents for any other purpose except for that one, original transaction.

By purchasing this package
you agree to not make copies for friends, for sale, for distribution, etc. or use them in a real estate business or property management business. You will need to ask Andrea about a licensing agreement that fits your needs. Contact Andrea to inquire.

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Originally written for mobile home owners, there's little difference between promoting a manufactured home, a condo and a "stick-built" home.

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