My Contrarian Philosophy of Promotion

You shouldn't have to work for free to promote your work.
You should receive payment for promoting your work.

I'll teach you how I did it.

Why work for free to acquire clients and patients? Exposure is nice, but it doesn't pay the bills or mortgage. I'll show you how to promote your specialized advice in ways that pay you. With an increase in income you're in a far better position to be generous to others. I'll show you how.

Do you really have time to take away from your practice to work for free?

Can you afford to work for free?

To promote my expertise to attract paying clients I didn't work for free:
No Mailing list
No Daily Email Campaigns
No Followups on Leads
No Telemarketing or Cold Calling
No Funnel
No Free Newsletters
No Free Articles
No Free Webinars
No Free Ebooks
No Free Podcasts
No Free Trainings
No Free CDs or DVDs
No Free MP3s or MP4s
No Free Book Signings
No Free Proposals
No Time-Sensitive Offers
No Bundle of Incentive Bonuses

Nor did I pay anyone:
No Advertising
No Affiliate programs

Instead, I was paid to promote my expertise and advice.
I was paid for my:
TV Talk Show appearances
Radio Talk Show appearances
Public Seminars
Seminar manuals
Special Reports
Presentations to audiences
Private Consulting, of course

Don't let someone else convince you that you must give away your valuable advice and wisdom in order to let people know what you can provide. You don't have to do that. I'll show you what I did to build my consulting practice on an international scale. And believe me, I made some mistakes in the beginning. I want to save you time, energy and money by telling you what I did wrong and what I did RIGHT.

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