My Personal Policy

1. For the sake of accuracy I must approve all promotional copy about me and my presentation prior to printing and distribution: news releases, programmes, brochures, signage, etc.

2. For events at a distance I prefer travel by land or water: RV, train, or boat. (Since the hijacking in Colombia, I no longer fly.)

3. Please provide written directions to the event location and someone to meet me on arrival.

4. I prefer to drive and would like a parking spot reserved for my van - about the size of an ambulance - near the entrance closest to the room where I will be speaking.

5. I can easily fill in last minute for a speaker when the event is relatively close by: Niagara Region; Erie PA, Cleveland OH, Pittsburgh PA; Buffalo NY, Rochester NY; Toronto, Oshawa, Hamilton, Oakville, Burlington; London, Kitchener-Waterloo, Windsor, Ontario.

6. If I am delayed or unable to appear/speak due to illness or accident I shall endeavor to find or recommend another speaker who can replace me.

7. Because I can work in both countries, I am happy to receive payment in either US funds or Canadian funds.

8. I can supply copies of letters of reference.