Andrea's Business Writing Services

When what you write -- news releases, brochures, how-to books, articles, columns, newsletters, book proposals -- must make a positive impact... I will write:
Please use the assignment request form to tell me what you would like me to write for you.

  • Articles, feature
  • Bibliographies
  • Bio fact sheets that illuminate - Like a resume, but for self-employed people, not for employment.
  • Blogs (web logs) See list of my own.
  • Book jacket copy to sell more books
  • Book contributions. See examples.
  • Book manuscripts that market well - Research, writing, ghostwriting, editing.
  • Book proposals designed to land publisher contracts
  • Brochures, service - I will list your capabilities in a take-away or mailable piece.
  • Brochures, seminar - Whenever I start to create a new seminar I start with the brochure that will promote it. I will help you develop your seminar brochure. You can see a sample of my work in my manual, The Speaker's Kit.
  • Case histories - Your web site would benefit from posting some of your successful case histories. I'll help you write them.
  • Catalog copy that sell books - My first job out of university was working at Sears Headquarters in Toronto working on the catalog each season in the Buying Office. While I didn't write catalog copy I did confer with buyers, layout designers and copywriters. My next job at McCall Pattern Company (Toronto) allowed me more freedom to write copy for not only magazines but also fashion show commentary.
  • Code of Ethics - You can read mine. I will help you write your own.
  • Collection letters - Persuasive Letters to Collect Money Owed You Some sample letters can be seen on this site.
  • Columns that increase readership - Regular, syndicated newspaper, magazine and web columns written. See also my manual.... How to Self-Syndicate Your Newspaper Advice Columns
  • Commercials, radio - Andrea is known for writing scripts for commercials that allow a leisurely, conversational pace; she doesn't try to cram the maximum number of words into a 30 or 60 second spot. See her voice-overs page for commercials she has written/voiced.
  • Cookbooks - Not only am I a trained home economist, and hosted a radio show called Recipe Line, and won a national recipe contest, but I have also taken classes in successful cookbook writing, and food styling for photography. From recipe writing and testing to manuscript submission, I'll help you bring your cookbook to the marketplace.
  • Cover letters that make a point quickly

  • Disagreement letters - This is another name for Protest or Complaint Letters that you may ask me to write on your behalf.
  • Flyers to multiply your response rate
  • Impact statements
  • Instruction sheets - If you have a product that requires assembly or directions for use, I can write the directions in the simplest, most easy-to- understand format.
  • Legal and Privacy Statements that convey trustworthiness.
  • Letters to the Editor that get published.
  • Magazine articles that persuade. Or learn to write and market your own magazine articles.
  • Mailing lists - I will develop specific lists and refine them, removing duplicates and correcting errors: clients, media contacts, press contacts, subscribers.
  • Manuals that define, explain, clarify (workshops and seminars)
  • Media releases to generate media interviews Write: $250; refine yours: $150.
  • Newsletters that increase subscriptions. Or learn to write and publish your own newsletters. I've created and published five profitable subscriber-paid newsletters. My most successful was The Reynolds Report on Executive Image which sold across Canada and United States. I was a founding member (and first PR Chair) of the Canadian Newsletter Association and a member of the Newsletter Association of America. I can write your newsletter or you can purchase a virtual transcript from my half-day seminar.
  • News releases editors love to receive Write: $250; refine yours: $150.
  • Obituaries - I'll help you write yours... far in advance of any need for it; or I'll help you write one for a loved one or pet who has just passed.
  • One sheets - Typically, a one sheet contains information about a speaker's presentations or an author's book. I can write your text for you to send to your graphics person.
  • Podcast scripts - Some podcasts sound like they haven't been planned. And their listeners cringe. If you want yours to sound professional and are all about the same length, I can help you develop a script that is comfy to you and your listeners. And if you want to charge for yours I can also help you record your podcasts and upload them. I use Mac's "Garage Band".
  • Powerpoint text -I'll compact your info to make sense to your audience and make sure it's in the right order, synched to your graphics..
  • Proposals to convince private investors for your book project
  • Proposals to beget corporate contracts for your book project
  • Query letters - I'll punch up your query letter for your article, book, column, etc., so it gets read and elicits a positive response.
  • Questionnaires and surveys - To get the answers you want you must ask the right questions. I'll write valid questions in easy to understand format: fill in the blank, multiple choice, essay, opinion.
  • Rants
  • Recipes - See also Cookbooks.
  • Returns Policies that clearly spell out your terms on your web site
  • Reviews, book
  • Sales letters that reach recipients - Some sales letters ramble or start off lame or too high powered. Let me use my words to get you the appointment and the order.
  • Seminar manuals - Many of the seminars and classes I have conducted over the years have been reengineered as manuals. Allow me to transform your presentation into a digital book that your clients can purchase at any time, for years to come.
  • Speaker profiles - When a speaker posts his or her profile on a speaker directory or bureau web site it helps to have a profile that presents credentials and benefits clearly and quickly. I can take a long bio or a fact sheet and write a narrative bio that sings.
  • Special reports - Not all publications are meant to be books or booklets. If it's too long to be an article, and if its content is time-sensitive it may best serve its audience as a special report. Newsletter publishers will often make a special report available as a spin-off product to their subscribers. I can help you create special reports on a monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual basis.
  • Speeches that draw standing ovations
  • Testimonials
  • Tips booklets that succinctly inform and educate.
  • Webinar scripts/text
  • Website content
  • Workshop outlines

  • Creative ideas and brainstorming for promotion and sales concepts
  • Research and interviews required to develop a work
  • Outline development
  • Writing from first drafts and outlines
  • Ghostwriting ("as told to") with or without credit
  • Bibliographies and reading lists
  • Rewriting of how-to manuscripts
  • Content editing (organization, style)
  • Copy editing (spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity)
  • Fact checking (figures, names, titles)
  • Final proofreading before printing

  • You receive results-oriented documents to meet your criteria.
  • Your reasonable deadlines are met (often overnight).
  • You are assured of confidentiality.
  • Your writing skills increase as you hire us.
  • You get top-notch writing skills without having to hire an employee.
  • You don't have to leave your office.
To hire Andrea to ghostwrite or refine your manuscript...
1. Email Andrea Reynolds to discuss your needs: or (412) 440-3704
Show her all the work to be done. Deliver it by email or mail.

3. You'll receive an
estimate of the cost and time required.

4. Send her a
deposit ($250) and she'll deliver your document by your deadline.

To get her advice on a manuscript you are writing - i.e. pick her brain - see the
consult page to see how you can get her prepaid advice.

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