I like money. I like what it does. Money offers freedom...
from debt, poverty, homelessness, intimidation, domination.

By the same token I dislike how some people hurt others by robbing them of money or depriving them of what is rightfully theirs by not making an effort to pay their debts. It is the latter that I prefer to address in my columns, articles, books, and services. And in my work with clients.

  • Has someone not paid you for work done?
  • Has someone stolen from you when you were vulnerable?
  • Has someone not repaid you for their share of a large expense?
  • Has someone conned you out of money?
  • Had someone sabotaged your ability to earn income?
  • Has someone borrowed money from you and not repaid you?
  • Has someone hired you or purchased something from you and then refused to pay for it?
  • Have you paid people who have not delivered what they promised?
  • Has someone done such bad work that you had to hire someone else to do it right?
  • Has someone taken property of yours that legally belongs to you?

I want to help other people, besides myself, get out of debt, get out of poverty, get off welfare, afford the necessities of life, avoid homelessness, and have money to invest to support themselves when they can no longer work.

Who I am
I'm not a lawyer and I don't see lawsuits as the most effective way to resolve a money dispute. Lawsuits should be the last resort, not the first as many believe. I'm a smart woman who is soft-hearted but determined to get justice. I come by my knowledge the hard way - through first-hand, personal experience. I've made money and I've lost money to others who weren't so soft-hearted. I use my investigative journalism skills, critical and creative thinking skills, kind persuasion, and wisdom gained from 50+ years on the planet to advocate for those who are too stressed and angry to fight back on their own and gain what is rightfully theirs.

I am fair, empathetic to both sides of an issue, and
try to find the best solution for my client that doesn't involve bullying, pressure tactics, or threats. I don't take a "case" unless I'm fairly sure I can get the results my client expects. If I can't retrieve your money, you don't pay me.

I do have a business degree and owned my own businesses for 30 + years in which I had to collect payment from delinquent clients. When I'm not fighting for a client, I am teaching, writing, and advising.

My story
I learn from my own losses and successes. In past years I've had a number of business professionals whose unprofessional behavior cost me significant money and put me in circumstances that created a substantial financial loss for me. (Read my news release for details.) In some cases the amount was in the thousands of dollars, in some cases the amount was only $20. But when it's a client, a bunch of those $20 debts can mean the ability to buy food that week or pay a loan she owes. It can take months to get the money because the withholding parties count on you to get tired of fighting and give up, but I don't. It took months of sending emails to the St. Catharines YMCA to get a $152. refund. It may take months to collect a valid refund, but I don't give up on significant amounts.

I am able to do well retrieving money for my clients, perhaps because I have no fear of repercussion when advocating for someone else. When you've been threatened at gunpoint or had a hunting knife at your throat for standing up for yourself, there can be lingering concern for one's safety. When I advocate for others the fear disappears and the client doesn't suffer any of the consequences.

My hero
An Ontario man, Rob Edmonds had his $250,000 lottery winnings stolen by a convenience store clerk. He sued the couple and then sued the Ontario Lottery Corporation for the amount of his winnings. A quiet, unassuming, elderly man, he wouldn't give up his fight for justice. His victory, achieved while battling cancer, inspired me to not give up when someone else has the money that is rightfully yours. (I'll post more heroes as this web site develops.)