Self-Syndicate Your Own Newspaper Advice Column
A how-to manual by Andrea Reynolds

Do you want to generate multiple sales for your
advice column... beyond your local newspaper?


Think about this: If you were to generate contracts with 100 daily newspapers for writing one weekly advice column, at an average rate of $30 per paper (some will pay more, some will pay less) you could be grossing, potentially, $150,000 a year, not to mention the increased book sales and paid speaking engagements which will result from your visibility.

While there is no guarantee of this kind of success -- there are so many factors which are out of your control -- a good proposal package and the right kind of approach, a tested approach, will increase your chances of success. And your success may be much greater than you calculated!

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Self-Syndicate Your Own Newspaper Column.
Miss Manners, Heloise, Ann Landers, Jack Anderson, Dave Barry, and Erma Bombeck all have or had successful syndicated columns. Why shouldn't you be among their ranks? To syndicate or self-syndicate: Should you let someone else handle the marketing and negotiating for you or syndicate it by yourself. The advantages are: hanging onto all your rights, and receiving 100% of the payment for 100% of the work.

The seminar has passed . . . but now you can have the seminar notes, PLUS answers to readers' questions, to help you self-syndicate your own advice column.

The topics covered . . .

  • Checking out successful columns
  • Checking out the market
  • What editors want
  • What makes a good column
  • Advantages of self-syndication
  • Advantages of selling to a syndicate
  • Benefits of a syndicated column
  • Documenting your credentials
  • Choosing a marketable subject
  • Developing your column
  • Developing a memorable title
  • Testing your column concept -- Plan A
  • Testing Your column concept -- Plan B
  • Copyright and selling your rights
  • Negotiating fees, terms, contracts
  • Invoicing and collecting money
  • Generating spin-off work
  • Legal/ethical considerations
  • Business tips

Samples include . . .

• Letter to Editor to test idea
• Query letter
• Credentials bio
• Syndicate-generated column
• Self-syndicated column
• Agreement form (2 pages)
• Column manuscript sample
• List of future columns
• Advance announcement
• Invoice sample

• 2 page article: 10 ways to convince an editor to publish your column.
• Names of 10 syndicates + some US newspapers.
• 9 pages of reader questions + answers.


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