Questions (FAQ) about Andrea's speaking

1. Will Andrea speak for no fee for our non-profit organization?

That depends. If yours is a local organization that I have a strong affinity for I may consider accepting a very small honorarium. Until my debt load is paid off I won't be in a position to work for free more than once or twice a year so I will pick those events very carefully.

2. Will Andrea speak for the exposure?

No. Speaking is my livelihood. I don't need exposure as much as I need income. Exposure doesn't pay down the enormous debt load incurred at the hands of power-hungry people, or pay the rent or put food on the table. I owned a PR and publicity business for 30 years and know how to do this very well. I have been quoted in major newspapers and magazines and appeared on national radio and TV so this isn't a good substitute for payment for me.

Also, because I speak about earning income and retrieving money, and I help audience members make more money and recover their money, it is only fitting that the organization hiring me allow me to do the same.

3. How far will Andrea travel?

All you have to do is ask. I would travel across the planet to speak to an audience that I feel passionate about on a subject that I am passionate about, and that pays me well. And I gravitate toward those invitations where I can visit my favorite places: Washington DC, Baltimore, Toronto, North Carolina, etc.

4. Would Andrea be willing to help us publicize her appearance at our event?

In most cases I would be prepared to do a few advance interviews with friendly interviewers to increase attendance. However, as a person who promotes kindness I prefer to avoid hostile interviewers.