Tips Booklets

A tip is a succinct 1-3 sentence idea that starts with a verb.

If you want to open doors with a book, but don't want to write a full-length book, write a tips booklet. Design, layout and printing are far less costly than book publishing, and the profit from printed and digital booklets can be substantial.

A smart spinoff from your nonfiction book is a tips booklet. In fact, to persuade a buyer to buy your full-length book or home study program, sell them the short tips booklet first and then up-sell them the "big" book.

Here's an example - below - of a tips booklet I created from series of articles written by my client, a respected Public Relations Executive. In this case it was necessary to re-write much of his wisdom into tips format, and then organize them into sequential chapters.


I will take your book and create a 16-32 page booklet (5.5" x 8.5" size) within a week or two. Or I can work with the hundred or so ideas you have collected when brainstorming on a specific topic and organize it logically into a publication that presents you eloquently as the expert.

Fees depend on word count, complexity of the assignment, how much research is required, whether content is provided, and a number of other pertinent factors. Included are spell-checking, fact-checking and final proofreading. I'll even suggest a list price for your booklet.

A deposit of $500 is required. If I decline the assignment your deposit is fully refunded. Satisfaction is guaranteed.