13 Reasons why I'm more expensive than hiring a book promoter... and worth the investment if you choose to hire me.

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Of all the regrets I have in life, one of the biggest was not hiring you. Now, years later, I see the wisdom in promoting yourself as a speaker instead of promoting my book. I spent an enormous amount on so-called "publicists" and wound up with nothing but credit card bills.
Tim H.

1. I've already done for myself what I offer to do for other experts. I've already been where you hope to be.

2. I have more years of experience – forty years – than most of my colleague-competitors. I've been self-supporting all that time and have "paid my dues."

3. I don't need to promote and manage other experts -– I made far more money marketing myself as an expert. I market others now that I have time available to help those who are coming up behind me.

4. I don't earn a great deal of money promoting and managing others... so when I'm asked to discount my fees or work on speculation it's not worth my time and I lose interest.

5. Rather than just making you visible – as publicists do – I help you generate an income 10 to 12 times larger than a publicist can. (Remember fame does NOT necessarily bring fortune.)

6. Because I've been interviewed on major shows and quoted in major publications myself, the producers and columnists contact me to ask for guest recommendations.

7. I know how to get you payment for your appearances; publicists don't do that. Their goal is to get you interviewed.

8. My goal is to see you grossing $300,000 to $800,000 a year (or more) and I create a specific plan to get you there.

9. You will only value what I do for you when you pay for it. Regard my fee as an investment in yourself. If you can invest in the stock market, a home, or a vehicle, certainly you can invest in yourself. Aren't you worth it?

10. I learned long ago that the people who are willing to pay my stated fees are a delight and very easy to work with. Those who try to get me to work for free or on speculation – what's in it for me? – are nearly always high-maintenance, have inflated egos, and not worth the trouble.

11. I have more projects than I have time for. My fees are a way to separate the serious from the dilettante.

12. You should be investing in marketing at least 10% of what you expect to generate in income in the future year. If you desire $100,000, you need to invest about $10,000. But watch where you invest it. If you're paying buckets of money on ineffective advice or methods, you're not working smart. (That's where I can keep you from squandering your time and money.)

13. And lastly, I'm worth it because I give a lot of attention to my clients... and some extras they weren't expecting. They always get far more value than they pay for.

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