What are your business goals?

I will support you in achieving these goals, because I've already done it myself.

Which of these may I help you achieve?

1. Multiply your monthly income by 500% or more?
Learn how I was able to jump from $8,000 a year to $12,000 a month and higher, as far back as 1985. (I'm reticent to say just how much I've earned since because it's dangerous for a single, older woman to divulge this publicly. There's a reason I published a booklet titled, OutSmarting Sweetheart Swindlers.) I hope you will allow me to assist you in earning $500,000 or more a year... eventually.

2. Stop leaving money on the table in many types of transactions.
Learn the three important reasons why I refuse to work for free, and how I've transformed requests for freebies into contracts and consults that pay well.

3. Charge and receive income for private telephone advice?
Learn how I was able to charge and receive $600 for one hour private telephone consultations.

4. Write and self-publish a book and have other people cover the production costs?
Learn the ways I raised funding from private and corporate investors for three books.

5. Land lucrative, longterm, corporate consulting contracts?
Learn how I received monthly and annual retainers from multiple, multi-national corporations.

6. Obtain longterm government consulting contracts?
Learn how I received government contracts without having to solicit them.

7. Get paid to make appearances on TV and radio talk shows?
Learn how I made the leap from unpaid guest expert to paid commentator on nationally televised programs.

8. Obtain your own call-in radio talk show?
Learn how I obtained several paid talk radio shows of my own... in each of two countries, including the talk radio station with the largest listening audience in Canada (starting at the top, not the bottom).

9. Obtain your own television talk show?
Learn how I was paid to host my own television show.

10. Write articles for national magazines that pay well?
Learn how I was paid $.50 to $1 per word for articles I wrote.

11. Get paid to promote your expertise?
Learn all the ways I discovered and implemented to market my expertise and get paid for it.

12. Restructure your expertise when you've suffered severe adversity?
How I started my own speaker agency, representing other speakers, when I had to give up speaking (as just one example).

13. Fill your public workshops and seminars with paying attendees?
Learn how I regularly filled my weekend and day-long seminars without any paid advertising.

14. Generate interviews and quotes in prestigious publications as the leading authority?
Learn how I was interviewed and quoted in Time Magazine and other prestigious publications.

15. Launch a successful, paid-subscription newsletter?
How I was able to generate paid subscriptions to my monthly newsletter for executives.

16. Leverage your knowledge by creating and offering multiple formats?
Learn how I develop everything I produce into at least three formats that pay me.

17. Obtain celebrity expert status like that of Dr. Phil, Martha Stewart, Dave Ramsey, Suze Orman, etc.?
Learn the 12 principles I recommend for boosting your expertise to celebrity status.

18. Receive payment for voicing TV and radio commercials?
Learn how I was able to receive up to $200 to $400 an hour for commercial voice-over work.

19. Receive unsolicited corporate sponsorships?
Learn how I've received corporate sponsorships (paid) for various "teaching" activities, not just verbal endorsements.

20. Sell vast quantities of your book without hiring someone else to promote/market your book?
Learn why it rarely makes sense for you to promote a book by hiring a publicist... and I used to be a publicist.

21. Receive invitations to present to audiences that pay you to speak as well as all your expenses.
Learn how to turn requests for unpaid speaking "opportunities" and book signings into paying contracts.

22. Develop tangible "books" that don't take a year to produce?
Learn the multiple formats your book can take that may take two to four weeks from outline to publication.

Contact Andrea Reynolds with your wish list and how much income you desire to achieve in the next 12 months: