25 Unconventional Ways to Successfully Raise $25,000, $50,000... or More for Your Film, Book or Business Project

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Attract Investors When You Need to Raise Capital

A 5-page report brainstormed and
compiled by Andrea Reynolds

"I received the booklet today and I'm in awe - the information is invaluable. It's gotten me inspired enough to sell rights to my own small publication to fund another project! I can't wait to try out the ideas in your booklet! Thank you so much!" - Christine

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The Story Behind the Report
Many people think the only options for funding are banks, loans from family, or savings. Now that some of the big dot.coms have disappeared, entrepreneurs are looking for new and unusual methods of raising capital. Brainstorming for Andrea Reynolds is easy. Here are 25 options for raising project funding that you may not have thought of, but someone has and it worked for them.

You'll recognize some of the names:
Rush Limbaugh, Joan Rivers, Michael Moore (filmmaker, TV host), Robert Rodrigues (filmmaker). They each used their creativity to find a way to get the cash they needed (when they had none) and not one idea involves maxing out your credit cards or selling a kidney.
Here is one method I personally found success with...

2. Create a Limited Partnership and sell 25-50 shares at $1000 apiece. This is a legal entity, so you'll need a lawyer to help you draw up a *Limited Partnership Agreement. You must follow certain legal rules because the money you receive would be a speculative investment and the Securities Commission will want you to do it properly.

If you're looking for more money, say $100,000 or $1,000,000 you may want to secure funds from private investors. Read how I did it. * You can get the 3 documents that worked for me, to use as a template for your own "angel attraction".
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